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The Islamic Society of Britain Sheffield was initiated in 1994, to raise awareness and remove misconceptions surrounding Britain’s second largest faith group. We are a national organisation, which aims to allay preconceived misconceptions about Islam, and to promote a greater understanding of the Muslims’ way of life.

The Islamic Society of Britain Sheffield is a dynamic vehicle for people to reach out and connect with others of different beliefs and values. We are a mean of enhancing community cohesion. It seeks to remove the stereotypes and misunderstandings of the Islamic way of life that often hamper a meaningful dialogue.


The call of Islam is a universal one. God Most High has said in the Qur’an: say (O Muhammad): “O mankind surely I am a messenger from God to you all; the messenger of him to whom belongs the sovereignty of the heavens and the earth. There is no god but He…: so believe in God and his messenger….. 🙁 So) follow him (the messenger) that you may be rightly guided (7:158).”

The Muslims community owe it as a duty to the British nation that has given them hospitality, accepted them as part of their society, to share with them the benefit of the call of Islam which is defined in the Qur’an as a mercy for God’s creation: ‘O Muhammad we have only sent you as a mercy for all the worlds’ (21:107). It will therefore be an act of selfishness on the part of the muslim community not to share this “mercy” with the great nation which has given so much. Islam, the complete, perfect and final word of God, is the religion of peace, justice, compassion, and which teaches a high sense of moral and social responsibility. It is the religion of true and universal brotherhood which does not recognise colour, language or geographical barriers – Islam the gift of god to be shared with all his creation.

And finally I have said on many occasions, it is vital for the future of our own society and of the world community that members of the different faith communities come to understand each other better, for it is from such understanding that a sprit of true tolerance will grow. Such tolerance does not mean that peoples have to compromise their own integrity, but it does require that we learn to listen to and to respect each other.

Abdool Kadir Gooljar – Presdient of ISB Sheffield