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    Rememberance Service

    2:45 pmBarkers Pool, Sheffield

    Muslims have been with Britain in good times and bad: contributing to its welfare, standing in defence, and protecting the values of justice and freedom that makes this country what it is today.

    This short outlines the long history of Muslims in the Armed Forces. It also covers the current contribution of British Muslims to the UK military. Though Muslims are underrepresented in the Armed Forces, the number is growing and their sacrifice is deep.

    If the experiences of Remembrance Monday and the sense of unified national moment mean anything to us as a nation, then they must mean that we emphatically reject the malignant cancer of hatred and social division.

    These men died fighting and defending British rights.

    Muslims in the United Kingdom have shown commitment to the country by

    being the second largest faith group after the Christian faith in the Forces.

    It is time we came together to work for Peace and Justice for Humanity.