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Press Release – IAW 2016

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The Islamic Society of Britain Presents,

Love – Peace – Compassion.

Islam Awareness Week 2016, 14th-19th March


‘Our Goal is to create a beloved Community and this will require a qualitative in our souls as well as a quantitative change in our lives.’

DR Martin Luther King


Governments often map the crime and violence that goes on around us; but there are other powerful stories to; those of compassionate action; the places of safety and well being.

This year we are asking people to come and join us in celebrating what is great about Britain. But this is not just about the weather! It’s an opportunity to honour those beloved places, to acknowledge and thank the people who host and work in them. We want to learn from and celebrate them.

‘Religion is too often identified with intolerance and exclusivity but people with different religious beliefs share a common humanity.  When acts of hatred and fear are used to define religion it is time for people of faith to show that courageous love and simple acts of kindness inspire us to be better than others say we are.  Here in Sheffield we are proud of our diversity so let’s not be limited by ignorance but get to know our neighbours better; let’s break down fear by building relationships of trust and let’s challenge social isolation by connecting our communities.  I look forward to exploring new possibilities together during Islam Awareness Week 2016.’

Revd Sue Hammersley, Vicar of St Mark’s Church, serving Broomhill and Broomhall.


‘Connecting communities’ is this year’s Islam awareness week. As ever, it is together that we can create love, compassion and peace.

This is not, however, an exercise in re-writing history or denying that there are challenges in society today. It is not a narrow kind of exclusive patriotism, because from the Islamic point of view we are all on Earth as children of Eve and Adam and are therefore brothers and sisters of one another.

By taking part in Islam Awareness Week this year, you will also be joining many others in a discussion about what kind of communities we would like to see in the future. So, join in the discussion and share your story with us, share your beloved place.

We would like to invite you to commemorate the launch of Islam Awareness Week. The official launch of Islam Awareness Week 2016 is truly an enlightening evening which will allow you to reflect on how much we have in common. This will take place on Monday, 14th March at 6:30pm. St Cuthbert’s Church, Barnsley Rd, Sheffield. The launch will include an opening presentation from the Lord Lieutenant of Yorkshire, the Lord Mayor of Sheffield, Inderjit Bhoghal and other senior dignitaries.



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